My Philosophy

As an educator, I think it is very important to have something to believe in, something that drives them and inspires them and for me, that is the students. No matter what child walks into my classroom, I believe it is my responsibility to encourage them, help them grow, and most importantly to help them learn. I believe that my biggest priority at all times is my students. In order for me to be the best teacher I can be, I believe there needs to be a relationship there, as human beings, not just teacher and student. I think my students need to see me as a human, as a person who isn’t perfect, who makes mistakes, has emotions and as someone that they can relate to and communicate with. All students deserve to be given the best opportunities to learn and shine in their own way because every student is wonderful and different in their own way–and that needs to be acknowledged and honoured for every single student. When we acknowledge and honour all students in their own unique way, we empower students and build them up.

When it comes to assessment, I also believe the students are priority number one. If students are involved in the assessment process, building the criteria, building the rubric, and have choice, they have a better chance of providing an accurate demonstration of their understanding. In order to be fair to all students and give all students opportunities to succeed, I need to provide students opportunities to show me what they understand in a way that works the best for them. Some students excel at speaking and representing information orally, some students excel at drawing and visual representations, and by providing students with a variety of ways to demonstrate their knowledge, we are giving students a better chance of succeeding. Setting students up for success and giving them all that they need to be successful–the knowledge they need, the encouragement they need, the support they need, and the welcome, caring environment that they need–that is why I do this. I need my classroom to be that place for my students, and I will do all in my power to make my classroom that happy place for my students.