What’s Up Week 3?!

The second adventure of my #learningproject was much more new to me and I was much more unsure about how it would turn out. This week's challenge was... a double layered chocolate cake with a hockey team logo in the middle for my human's birthday. Before this, I had never made a cake or icing … Continue reading What’s Up Week 3?!


My FIRST Twitter Chat!

Okay friends, I tuned in to #saskedchat on Thursday and HO-LY! it was one of the most fast-paced environments I have ever been in! When Kelly said the chat was over I was so shocked because it felt like only 20 minutes had gone by. I am going to try to sift through that experience … Continue reading My FIRST Twitter Chat!

Who Am I?

Hi friends--especially my EDTC 300/400 friends! If you have explored my blog or Twitter feed you may already know that my name is Brooklyn Selinger--if not, you do now! I am in my fourth and final year at the University of Regina in the Middle Years Faculty; I just completed internship and I am in … Continue reading Who Am I?