Changing Things Up for Week 6!!

SO, life happens and I fell behind with the making of the things. I planned my things and had recipes and bought groceries and slowly made my way to here–making the things! Now playing catch up has led me to TRY SOMETHING NEW (again)! I have decided to stray away from the sweets this week and make one of my favourite things: hash brown casserole! I have loved hashbrown casserole for years but I have never really thought about making it myself.  I remembered seeing a recipe on Facebook for hashbrown casserole so I did a search and found the post with the recipe! It came from Buns In My Oven recipe blog and Facebook Page.Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 3.24.20 PM.png

The recipe was called Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole–how amazing does that sound!? Cheese and hasbrowns, what could be better?

I started off by getting my groceries, I had a few things already but needed a few more! Once I had my stockpile (⬇️) I got to work! My first order of business was cooking IMG_9706.JPG my bacon! I was excited to get started and put it in the pan! Of course it would have been easier if I had chopped up the bacon before cooking it which was my original plan and I’m not entirely sure where it went! The recipe said ‘crispy bacon’ but mine got a little bit too crispy and when I tried to cut it up after, it didn’t go overly well… I ended up breaking it up with my hands and then trying to chop it into smaller pieces. It did the job, but in the future I would definitely cut up the bacon FIRST!

After my bacon, I started mixing the ingredients! The recipe called for half an onion, but I am not a big fan of onions so I used some dried chopped onions that were already in my pantry. I ended up misreading the recipe and mixed together the onions, onion powder, garlic powder, chicken soup, melted butter, and bacon together but I wasn’t supposed to add the onion powder and garlic powder at that stage but I’m sure it didn’t hurt anything!


My next step was to pour half of my hashbowns into the pan and add half of my mixture onto those hashbrowns and spread it out. I found it difficult because the hashborwns just stuck to my spreader and didn’t spread very well. I ended up just mixing it together in the pan the best I could! I sprinkled on the cheese and then the hashbrowns and the mixture and cheese again!

IMG_2505.JPGThe photo to the left (⬅️) is the finished product before going in the oven! The cook time was 45 minutes so I set my timer and started on cleanup duty! Oh boy do I know how to make a mess of a kitchen!! It’s like a superstorm went through every time!

When the timer started to sing, I headed back to the stove!! I grabbed my oven mitts and pulled out the pan and then the worst happened. The pan slipped. I caught it as it hit the oven door! The pan was standing vertically instead of horizontally in my hands, my boyfriend came running just as I flipped the pan back into its horizontal position. LUCKILY, there was no spillage!! All of my lovely casserole slid down to the bottom as it hit the door but once I flipped it and tapped it on the stove and it spread back to normal–no harm done!!

IMG_3356.JPG This is the final product, as hidden by a Harry Potter Hogwarts crest in my Twitter! I am happy with the way it turned out, but there are for sure some things I would do differently in the future! I think next time, I will mix all of my ingredients and my hashbrowns together in the bowl before putting it in the pan to make sure that all of my hashbrowns are covered! I also used a few extra hashbrowns and next time I don’t think I will! After I made it, I saw a video higher up in the post that i didn’t watch and it showed the person mixing all of the ingredients before putting them in the bowl, but the recipe said not to, which I found strange!

I definitely think I will make this again! I do think that I will change a few things that I mentioned so far!

6 thoughts on “Changing Things Up for Week 6!!

  1. My prediction of it being a Hogwarts cake was completely off, however, I love hashbrown casserole so I am not set by any means! I will for sure be checking out this recipe in the near future! I love how you have expanded your horizons to using different tech sources for your learning project! I never thought to use Facebook as a way of learning, however, now thinking of it there are so many pages to follow those include recipes and other how-to videos! Overall great work on this blog post I am excited to see more!

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