My FIRST Twitter Chat!

Okay friends, I tuned in to #saskedchat on Thursday and HO-LY! it was one of the most fast-paced environments I have ever been in! When Kelly said the chat was over I was so shocked because it felt like only 20 minutes had gone by. I am going to try to sift through that experience though and maybe set some goals for my next chat!

I started with getting my TweetDeck fired up! I set up a column for my notifications, a search of the hashtag #saskedchat, and a search of @kellywchris (Kelly Christopherson–kick-butt prof AND moderator of the chat!).  It looked like this ⬇️

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.35.28 PM.png

After that, I waited! I gave myself extra time to set up just incase I ran into any issues. I kept hitting refresh and waiting for the “go” tweet to come out. First, this one showed up:

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.45.03 PM


My anticipation was growing, most of me thought it was going to be a total disaster and I would be lost and afraid the entire time. I thought maybe I would say something totally embarrassing or have my tweets make NO sense. But on the other hand, I was also excited to see what it was like, I was excited to interact with other teachers who are actually out in the profession and more experienced! My feelings were growing and growing when the next tweet finally came:Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.43.56 PM


And then I was off! I was answering questions and liking tweets at lightning speed… sort of. I had good momentum at the beginning and it was fun, until I started trying to follow threads and was getting a million notifications! When I made a comment about struggling to keep up, Kelly responded to me with a comment and a GIF reassuring me that nobody really keeps up and that trying is like trying to drink from a fire hose. After that I felt much better about trying to keep up. The thing that I think distracted me the most was the way threads work. I was tagged in a tweet somewhere and then every comment came back to me and I had no idea who anybody was talking to or who comments were being directed at. That confusion distracted me from other interactions, at one point there was a comment made in a thread I was tagged in saying some new people weren’t “keeping up” or answering questions in the “right way” and I got so worried that maybe the person meant I was not doing well in the chat or something and I ended up scouring all of my tweets to make sure I had answered everything rather than interacting with other participants.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience, despite feeling somewhat overwhelmed, and definitely want to take this challenge head on and try to master twitter chats! I want to continue participating in this twitter chat (and also try some others) in order to get down a flow and get into more deep interactions. This time, I think I focused more on answering the questions and checking ALL of the notifications rather than focusing on the interactions and comments.

My goal for my next Twitter chat, is exactly that–to have more interactions and exchanges with people instead of worrying about every thread that comes back to me and answering every question as soon as it appears. I am looking forward to my next Twitter chat and I hope to have some new insights afterwards!!

What are your opinions on Twitter chats peeps?!


4 thoughts on “My FIRST Twitter Chat!

  1. Hi Brooklyn! What a great experience Twitter chats really are! Half the time when I am doing them I am typing so fast I am not overly sure of what exactly I am saying! As for the threads and following people’s comments you get better at as you continue doing them! I now take more time looking through people’s answers and comments before I will answer the question myself! This allows me to get a broader sense of what the question is truly asking! I really enjoy doing twitter chats when I make the time for them! I think it is a great way of making connections with educators all over the world as well as broadening your understandings of your own knowledge around certain topics! As for your blog post, I love how you have incorporated many pictures and hyperlinks that break up the text and make for a nice easy read! Have fun continuing on twitter chats!


  2. When you first get into Twitter chats it can be really overwhelming and it seems like they go by in the blink of an eye! Thank gosh for TweetDeck or it would be so hard to keep track of everything! I agree that having interaction with others in the chat is one of the most important parts! Sometimes I let my answer slip because I get so invested in a certain topic and I don’t see the harm in it – don’t feel like you need to answer absolutely every question!

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