Exploring Feedly..

..and getting totally lost!

I had heard whisperings of Feedly before this class, but had absolutely no idea what it was. My first step was to Google it and sign up, shortly after I realized I had no idea what it was for. Back to Google I went! I looked up “what is an RSS reader?” and was met with this blog that (somewhat confusingly) got the point across and now I think I understand.

Based on my reading, an RSS reader is a way of organizing the blogs and posts that you are following to create different groupings/feeds. 

For my Feedly, I set up three feeds (to start with), I set a feed for “ed tech” and followed teacher tech blogs and similar accounts. A feed for “classmates and ed friends” and followed some of my classmates and other friends in the faculty. My last feed is for “world things” and I followed news pages. I also played around with some views and how I want my feeds to be arranged as well as setting a picture!screen shot 2019-01-29 at 11.30.17 pm

I haven’t spent a ton of time reading on it yet, but I will very soon!

In the beginning, I thought I could use Feedly for multiple platforms (blogs and tweets for example) and I was wrong. I did stumble upon Tweet Deck though! I was confused about the difference between Feedly and Tweet Deck, I think I thought they were the same or I had them backwards or something! Now I have set up Feedly and Tweet Deck! I am so excited to play around and use both more this week!


4 thoughts on “Exploring Feedly..

  1. Hi Brooklyn, it sounds like you have a good start on Feedly. When I first explored Feedly I as well had some troubles getting the hang of it but once I did it was an amazing thing! Here is the tutorial I followed when I was trying to get into Feedly. Check it out if you would like:
    Excited to see you explore more awesome templates like this one!


  2. It was super exciting for me when I was first getting into Feedly and Tweetdeck as well! Now that I know how to use them I would never go back! And, I will admit that it wasn’t until this year when I learned I could follow classmates! One thing that I found useful was setting up a feed for inspiration for my learning project and I’m sure there is a ton of awesome resources there for you too! I also love the pic in the middle of the post! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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