Who Am I?

Hi friends–especially my EDTC 300/400 friends!

If you have explored my blog or Twitter feed you may already know that my name is Brooklyn Selinger–if not, you do now! I am in my fourth and final year at the University of Regina in the Middle Years Faculty; I just completed internship and I am in my final semester. I grew up in a small rural town in Saskatchewan criss-crossing the province for sports and other events with my two siblings.

I completed my pre-internship in Regina in a 7/8 split and my internship in Estevan teaching ELA 8, Art and Drama 7 and 8, Dance 8, and Science 8. During internship I tried to experiment with some more technology in the classroom! I used a SMART Board for the first time–and my students had to help me figure it out, tried to use Kahoot but of course we had a massive power outage and had no wifi for almost a week, so we moved on without it. I made another attempt but we ended up losing the class to an event. I used some YouTube videos and other online sources–like easy bib to practice making bibliographies. We also had some wonderful PD opportunities about working with tech, such as having a division IT person in to do some SMART Board tutorials with us. I began to feel more comfortable using technology in the classroom, but I know I have a lot more room for growth! Which led me to choosing EDTC 300 for one of my electives!

Throughout some of my university classes I have also been exposed to some interesting tech in the classroom! I have been exposed to Padlet, Kahoot, blogging, prezi, Google Docs/Slides, and other things as well. I don’t consider myself to be extremely tech savvy, but I do think I have a decent handle on using technology. I like to blog, but I don’t prioritize it outside of classes. Blogging and tweeting during internship was a goal I had set for myself but did not followthrough with because I did not make it a priority and schedule time to do it. In the end I am not really that upset about it because my students and the school community were my priorities but it is something I would like to do more in the future.

Outside of university and teaching, I am also building my knowledge of technology some. One of the biggest challenges I have faced lately is with my new camera. I have always had an interest in photography and started at a fairly young age but did not have a very good quality camera. This summer I bought myself a new camera of much better quality that has bluetooth and wifi connection capabilities and apps that go with it! I have explored them a little bit but have been doing things the same way I always have–plugging my memory card into my computer. I am looking forward to exploring more with the apps and using bluetooth and ‘the cloud’ in my processes in the classroom and out!

These are two of my favourite pictures taken with my new camera, taken at two of my favourite places–my moms house and my boyfriends farm!


DSC_0575_Fotor.jpgDSC_0345_Fotor copy.jpg



3 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi Brooklyn! I know you will learn so many interesting apps and gadgets that you can incorporate into the classroom! Super exciting that this is your home stretch! I hope you enjoy this class as much as I did!

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  2. Thanks for sharing some of the technologies that you incorporated in the classroom. I love using Kahoot! I don’t have much experience with prezi or padlet, but am excited to learn!


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