I’m Learning Something New… (Wk 1)

Hey everyone! I am finally in my final semester at the U of R and I am taking EDTC 300–a class dedicated to helping me learn how to use technology in the classroom! As a part of that class, I am learning how to be a more proficient blogger and tweeter–among many other things. One of my assignments for this class is to choose a new skill to learn.

When I first heard the assignment so many ideas came to mind but then I thought, “okay, I have 13 weeks… what will I stay interested in for that long? what skill will have a new aspect to learn every week for 13 weeks?” Those questions alone helped me to narrow my options down to two: learning guitar or learning how to cook/bake from scratch. Both ideas were interesting to me and I thought I would enjoy learning both of them!

Music has always been a large part of my life, I played piano for four years when I was younger, and I got a guitar for my birthday a few years ago but I never learned how to play it. Food is also very important because, you know, living, but I also have always loved to cook and bake the easy way–from a package. I thought through my options and as much as I would love to learn to play my guitar, learning how to be a better cook will benefit me better in the long run, and my guitar isn’t going anywhere! I have also been watching A LOT of baking shows on Netflix… šŸ™ˆ

So there was my choice! for my #learningproject I am going to learn how to cook/bake from scratch! I figured this was a better choice because I am becoming a real adult and I should probably learn how to cook at least a few things that don’t just come out of one box. To get me started a made a list of things I want to make–this way I can choose something new each week that I want to focus on. I plan on using a lot of Pinterest and YouTube to help support my journey, as well as documenting my adventures here and on Twitter!

Here is my list so far:

  • Sweet potato chips
  • Brownies
  • Some kind of cheesecake
  • Lasagna
  • Hashbrown caserole
  • Buttercream/icing
  • A layered cake
  • Cinnomon buns
  • Cookies
  • A roast
  • Angelfood cake
  • Lemon cupcakes
  • Red velvet cake/cupcakes
  • Powerbars/granola bars
  • Fudge or caramels
  • Something with a mirror glaze

3 thoughts on “I’m Learning Something New… (Wk 1)

  1. Cooking is one of my largest passions. If you ever would like any recipes to browse, I would be happy to share some with you! I am excited to continue following your progress.


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